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Amos Seet
Amos Seet
September 21, 2023.
The food here was really good and value for money, the quality of ingredients were shockingly good given the buffet price and I honestly am floored at how the restaurant even makes a profit. Highly recommend the freshly cooked satay which were big, juicy and packed with flavours! Even though we went during the closing hours, the food was still well stocked and fresh, which demonstrates the restaurant’s remarkable commitment to serving quality food. In terms of ambience, the restaurant has a huge space and my partner and I had a cosy corner that was comfortable and conducive for talking, with the soft background music adding to the experience. The place is also clearly suited for big gatherings and is definitely on my recommendation list for corporate and team outings. Lastly, the service was impeccable where staff maintained a smile and regularly swapped out our plates for new ones. I particularly noticed that the restaurant also employs elderly staff at their live stations which is commendable. With their commitment to high quality food, customer experience and their staff, Penang Place embodies a different way of doing business that is not solely profit maximizing - so if you want to experience something different - great food and customer service at reasonable price, Penang Place is the place to go!
Kevin Ng
Kevin Ng
September 6, 2023.
Good food
September 4, 2023.
As a Penangite and Chung Ling alumni, a bite of the Chung Ling Scrambled egg instantly travel me back to good old days in Penang. Kudos to the chef that brings a canteen food onto international stage. All food reaches stomach, but this one reached my soul <3

What are customers say about us?

“Arguably the best Penang char kway teow in town. The trick to a good char kway teow is to keep the portions small – and that’s what the chefs do as you can see them replenishing the buffet every so often. One can’t take short cuts with this dish that needs to be throughly wokked. Penang Place does a version with no pork or lard – so it’s quite impressive that they can create the right taste without these indulgent ingredients.”

The Business times

Fans who used to make the long trek to their former Jurong address will be thrilled with their convenient location at Suntec City*. Chefs from Penang dish up the best Penang Char Kway Teow in town with a heody wok hei, And they don’t use pork or lard in their dishes.

SPECIAL! The big draw is their buffet where you can sample Penang Hokkien Mee, Penang talcs°, Rojak and more.

2013 Eight Days Magazine

“At a time when most hotel buffets start from around $50, Penang Place is not only cheap but the food quality is excellent and they offer a unique spread of Penang food which is not easily available elsewhere! Their Penang char kway teow is very good and has the requisite wok hei aroma when it arrives at the table. It is part of the buffet, but they make it a point to fry it fresh a few times during the buffet service. To make up for the lack of pork lard, Chef Alvin uses oil that is used for frying the chicken to fry the kway teow so that it still has flavour.

Make sure you leave room for desserts because they are one of the highlights of the meal there. All their kuehs are made in-house by Chef Alvin and he even makes his own kaya the traditional way, slowly stirring it over a low fire for hours!”

Ieatishootipost, Dr Leslie Tay

Walking into Penang Place with Paul Ooi is like stepping into his family home.

It is a little more than an hour to the lunch-time opening as he leads the way into his establishment at Suntec City.

He stops often to greet his staff, even taking time to introduce them to this Salt&Light writer – in very much the same way you would, when you bring friends home to visit.

“It was a scary time. My family prayed a lot.”
Nicely groomed and dressed in khaki twilled cotton slacks, 64-year-old Ooi looks every inch the modern successful restauranteur you would come across in glossy magazines.

Salt & (April 5, 2019)

Penang food fans who know their chilli boh from their sambal will still head for even though the place has is a tad too far out of town for real accessibility.

This is where you will find the best Penang hawker buffet in town, and one reason it has managed to do it is because of its large team of Penang chefs.

At a recent catered event, it showed that it could still dish up very good Hokkien mee and Assam laksa even outside of its restaurant, and the two chefs working the woks for char kway teow delivered two quite different styles – one version was wetter while the other was a bit too charred.

At the restaurant however, the fried rice noodle dish has the requisite wok-hei and a well-balanced flavour, and you wouldn’t know that there’s no lard used.

Ieatishootipost, Dr Leslie Tay